doll and teddy bear artist and collector convention

Saturday Show & Sale (open to the public)

If you are unable to make it to the 3-day convention, plan on attending the April 14th Saturday Show & Sale. If you can attend only one event in 2018, this show offers the most for your money. There are free door prizes (at least 10 prize winners announced every hour), free all day coffee, tea and lemonade, free doll and teddy bear magazines, free child education through touching, and the largest selection of artist dolls and teddy bears of their kind. Silent auctions conducted by Good Bears of the World (GBW) will be held to raise funds for children going through traumatic experiences. GBW will also be donating cases of teddy bears to the local police department at the Show & Sale.

Show Sales Rooms

There are six Sales Rooms (four ballrooms and two other areas) all on the ground level at the Clarion Hotel & Convention Center where you can view and shop for original, handmade artist dolls and teddy bears. You will have at least six (6) hours to shop for one-of-a-kind and very limited edition creations, and you will need all that time to see everything in order to make those difficult buying decisions as there will be 130 participating artists – the largest gathering of doll and teddy bear artists you will find anywhere in the U.S. in 2018.

Admission Fees

Regular Sales Room hours for the public is 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. on Saturday. There will be free refreshments (coffee, tea and lemonade) all day for everyone attending the Sales Rooms. Admission fees to the public are:

Adults: $5.00
Seniors: $4.00
Age 10-17: $3.00
Under 10: free

Paid individual and free group admissions qualify you for free all day drawings for dolls, teddy bears, and related prizes. You actually get to choose the prize of your choice from over 60 doll and bear door prizes.

There are free refreshments while you take a break in your shopping on Saturday. There is an awful lot to see and it will take hours to see it all and to socialize with the artists. Feel free to take their picture and to get your purchases autographed by the artists.

Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Sales Rooms

Creations by more than 130 doll and teddy bear artists can be enjoyed and bought at this landmark show. Meet leading doll and teddy bear artists and here is a chance to see artist creations up close – the only sure way of purchasing such unique collectables to your satisfaction. Consider these artist dolls and teddy bears not only for your own collection, but they make great gifts for your friends, doll and teddy bear club raffles, and fund raiser events. In England, artist dolls and teddy bears are often given to children and grandchildren as special keepsakes and heirlooms to remember you by. The name of the artist’s piece may have sentimental value, bring back memories of a loved one, or serve as a motivational reminder for today’s younger generation. Some of the artists will have a sample creation or piece of the material used to create their dolls and bears for child touching appreciation so your child will have something to touch and feel in order to appreciate what makes these handmade creations so special. You are encouraged to join the artists and other collectors and wear your favorite doll or teddy bear top and accessories (e.g., blouse, shirt, jacket, jewelry, pins) in order to create a fun atmosphere for all!

GBW Charity Silent Auction

Good Bears of the World (GBW) is conducting two separate Charity Silent Auction at 9-11a.m. and 12-2p.m. that will give you a wonderful opportunity to add a beautiful doll or bear to your collection and support GBW, a 501c3 charity, at the same time. Your winning bid will go toward bringing comfort to children going through traumatic experiences. There will be complete bidding instructions when you register at the Silent Auction Table. You won't want to miss the fun and excitement! Just follow these simple steps:
• Register and receive your bidder number at the Auction Table in the Sales Room
• Use your bidder number to bid on your favorite items
• On the bidder form in front of the item, record your Bidder #, Last Name, and $ Bid     
• At the close of the auction, winning bidders will pay for their item(s) at the auction table
• If two or more people are bidding on the same item at the close of the auction, a quick “live auction” will    determine the winner
Thank you for supporting GBW and helping to keep teddies in the arms of those who need a comforting hug!

Good Bears of the World Gifting of Teddy Bears

This is the third year in a row at this convention that Terrie Stong from Good Bears of the World will be gifting cases of teddy bears to the local Police Department. You are invited to attend this special event at 1p.m. for the men and women of law enforcement who so often are called upon to comfort children who need a little love and hugs. Policemen, firemen, emergency workers and grief counselors agree that the teddy bear’s magical healing power is invaluable when given to children and their families in traumatic situations.