doll and teddy bear artist and collector convention


Why Register Early

  • There are a limited number of hotel rooms blocked at the group rate of $89 and very few rooms blocked for the days preceding and following the event dates
  • For the artists, there are a limited number of sales tables available

How to Register

To register, please click on the appropriate button at the bottom of this page in order to print a copy of the combined Registration Application/Participation Information Form. To register by mail, send credit card information or a check made out to "Susan Quinlan Museum" and the registration form to Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum, P. O. Box 3218, Santa Barbara, CA 93130. To register by fax, send the completed form to (805) 687-7382 (no cover letter required). To register electronically, send the completed form as an email attachment to

3-Day Convention Registration


Thursday Optional Workshops 


The 3-day event registration fee covers 2 full buffet breakfasts, refreshment breaks, 1 buffet lunch (Friday), 2 buffet dinners*, open bar (free drinks) all 3 evenings, 2-hours of early admission to Sales Rooms, admission to all event sessions, presentation handout material, very limited edition collectable pins, attendee list, and sales table (artists). The fee for attending a Thursday morning or afternoon workshop includes the cost of an addition buffet breakfast or buffet lunch respectively.

* Friday and Saturday dinners are free only if you make reservations on the registration form,
  otherwise the dinner fee is $75 per person.


No refund for cancellations received after April 1, 2018.

Artist Sale Tax Information

To simplify the process of applying for a Pennsylvania Sales Tax License (Temporary Vendor Certificate) and paying your taxes after the event, the necessary forms and instructions are provided on this website. There is an “Artist Sales Tax License” button on the home page. You will find answers to many of your questions regarding how to apply for a Pennsylvania sales tax license, how to avoid receiving repeated reminders from the State after the event about sales tax payments, how to pay sales taxes, and how to calculate sales taxes. You can download and print copies of the required forms. Click here to access the PA-100 form required to obtain a sales tax license (temporary vendor certificate).

Dress Code

Attendees are requested to dress casually in order to promote an informal and relaxed atmosphere. This is true for attending the dinners too. This will leave more room in your luggage for your new purchases. On “Social Friday” we suggest that you wear your funkiest, silliest or most outrageous doll or teddy bear top (e.g., blouse/shirt/jacket) in order to create a fun and casual atmosphere among the artists and collectors. On “Shopper’s Saturday” we suggest you wear your favorite doll or teddy bear top and accessories (e.g., blouse/shirt/ jacket/jewelry/pins) in order to create a fun atmosphere for the public at the Saturday Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Sale.

Money Back Guarantee

This is the only event in 2018 that offers you a money back guarantee by returning your registration fee if you can find another doll or teddy bear event that offers you all of the features and activities for the same reasonable fee.

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