doll and teddy bear artist and collector convention

“All from the SAME Pattern Teddy Bear Challenge” Guidelines

Artists are invited to join the fun and help show collectors how individual artistry influences and defines the creation of a teddy bear. Just follow these guidelines:
• After printing out the basic, public domain teddy bear pattern, you may increase or reduce it to any size you'd like, but...
• You cannot alter the shape of any pattern piece or splice pieces.
• You may use any material (mohair, alpaca, synthetic, natural fur, etc.)
• You may put your own stamp onto the bear by means of Copic pen shading, air brushing, needle sculpting or scissor sculpting.
• No needle-felting, please, as it is added on and changes the shape of the pattern bear.
• No costuming. Please accessorize only with a bow, neck cord with bell, etc., or a simple collar.
Let's wow the collectors with a large display, in a rainbow of colors, featuring teddies of all sizes, from miniature to large, each with his own personality, but "All from the SAME Pattern!"

(Thanks to bear artist Sue VanNattan for the idea, guidelines and teddy bear pattern. If you have questions, she is at